I would recommend The Berry Group to anyone looking to find a place

The Berry Group (specifically Mitch) listened to our wants and needs about what we wanted in a house and worked hard to show us properties that fit this in our price range. He was very knowledgeable about all aspects of the process. He answered all our questions thoroughly and promptly and brought up things for us to consider that we hadn't thought of. We have been very happy with our house. I would recommend The Berry Group to anyone looking to find a place, and we will certainly call them when we decide to sell.

- Emachac

Highly likely to recommend!!!

Mitch and his team at The Berry Group skillfully and professionally took care of my every need. He got the job done just as he said he would, and now I own the home of my dreams!

- M Araldo

Their service is top notch!

I have used the Berry Group for over 12 years now. They have represented me in all of my real estate transactions. They are true professionals in their industry and know how to get the job done expediently. From a first home, to a bridge home, to a permanent home, we have been impressed with every step. Their service is top notch, their skills are seasoned over decades, and they know how to under promise yet over deliver! Our next purchase of beachfront property for vacationing will begin with a phone call to the Berry Group. You will not be disappointed in their services on your behalf!

- Thomas P

Highly likely to recommend!!!

Mitch did a great job helping us with finding and closing on a townhouse in Irvine back in 2012, it was a short sale. At that time the market was very hot and most of the sale were investments properties going to cash buyers. Mitch kept my husband and I informed of every step of the short sale process, even though it could be a very stressful process, but we were confident that we were in good hand with Mitch. The house closed on time and it was a pleasure working with Mitch Berry. What we really appreciate the most is his quick response to our emails and his willingness to show us as many properties as possible without any complain until we found the house that we wanted. He wasn't pushy and we felt that he really cared and wanted to help us to find the right property with the right price.

- Blanksir

Nothing but the best with The Berry Group!!!

Mitch has helped us buy and sell on 3 transactions. Nothing but the best with The Berry Group. What sets them apart is the aptitude and willingness to do work behind the scenes. Mitch was searching, networking and negotiating for us every step of the way; at some instances, without us even knowing. In the end, we moved into a home we'll be living in for the next 30 years and wouldn't have been able to afford it if it weren't for the work they did for us. Many thanks...Cheers!

- Chris B

We trust Mitch and The Berry Group, and *highly* recommend them for your sale or purchase!!!

Buying a home can be stressful and challenging, but The Berry Group's get-it-done drive coupled with extensive experience and a perfectly patient approach make all the difference. Furthermore, Mitch exhibits incomparable professionalism and attention-to-detail, characteristics that were critical to the negotiation process in the purchase of our home in 2009 (which was a short-sale). In addition, his local expertise and market intelligence really facilitated our due diligence process as first-time buyers, leading us to conclude that he got us a screamin' deal! Most importantly, his business acumen is governed by uncompromising, high ethical standards. We trust Mitch and The Berry Group, and *highly* recommend them for your sale or purchase.<br><Br>- Q Marque

Best realtor in Orange County.

Mitch Berry at the Berry Group is like a magician. We wanted to purchase the house that we were currently renting, but it seemed impossible to get -- too competitive, out of our price range, and the landlord was not very accessible. But we got the house. He spoke to the landlord, negotiated down to even less than a max, and it all happened so smoothly.

We were first-time home buyers. Didn't know a thing about loans, contingencies, escrow variables, negotiating. One thing that I found extremely helpful about the Berry Group is their ability to distill lots of competing information into straightforward facts and even advice. He would say: "Offer X-amount if you want to be one among twenty offers; offer Y-amount if you want to be a player; and offer Z-amount if you want to be *the player."

Mitch has an especially strong sense of local pricing and other variables. For instance, we bought the house intending to add rooms to it. And Mitch had really helpful advice about this particular neighborhoods value-to-size ratio, so that we could be confident that adding 2,000 sq. feet would raise the house value proportionately.

Best realtor in Orange County.<br><br>- Mathew S

Highly likely to recommend!!!

Mitch Berry did an excellent job helping our family find an excellent home! We were delighted with his service and are very pleased with the results of our search.

- Glendora Rick

We have had nothing but good experiences with the Berry Group!

We have had nothing but good experiences with the Berry Group! Thoughtful, responsive and quick to answer questions. They helped my wife and I buy our starter home.

- Rob S

I would recommend their services above and beyond anyone else!!

The Berry group provided my wife and I the best possible home buying experience. It was our first home and had never been through the process. As such, we had a ton of questions and needed to work with someone in our Real Estate agent that was knowledgeable and could advise us correctly. We purchased in February of 2013. At the time, we were competing with multiple other offers, some with all cash or half cash down on every offer we wrote. For our particular house, we were up against an all cash offer investor. Mitch was the sole reason we got our house. He met with the family and the selling agent assuring them of our intent to keep the house and desire to raise a family. The family chose us because of what The Berry Group did on our behalf. It was like working with a family member as your real estate agent. I know the advice and information they give is honest and they truly had our best interest at the forefront. I have nothing but amazing things to say about Mitch and Trenna as people and professionals. I would recommend their services above and beyond anyone else.<br><Br>- My Media

Highly likely to recommend!!!

Mitch helped us find our dream house (even before it was officially on the market!), and then helped us sell our old house at top dollar! He has a great personality that really helps in the negotiations.

- Tom B

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